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And while you're probably hoping to show something specific about yourself in a profile photo or convey a certain mood, your interpretation — or that of your friends — isn't always accurate.

In looking closely at the astonishingly wide variety of ways our users have chosen to represent themselves, we discovered much of the collective wisdom about profile pictures was wrong.

Last year, I spent several months wading through the online dating pool.

When I wrote my own profile, I painstakingly chose the photos that I felt best represented me, and I spent quite a bit of time crafting my profile. The photos are sometimes blurry or off center, or they’re trying to be sexy but, well, they’re just not. Here are eight cats who give these careless humans a run for their money when it comes to online dating pics. No idea, but I found the trend to be kind of funny after a while. Then, we sent the photos (without the commentary or any information about the individuals) to Akbari, who weighed in with her take. We asked nine women to submit a photo from their profile and tell us what they think it says about them.I’ve told this piece of advice hundreds of times behind the scenes, and it bears repeating so much that Men’s Health even quoted me on it…The statement is bold because it has to be to drive this point home: Without solid profile photos that show you at your best, you are dead in the water.I can teach you all the message and profile tricks in the book, but if your profile photos are of poor quality, you’ll communicate all the wrong things to women and destroy your chances with most of them.

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Bottom line: not having solid photos KILLS your chances of getting a date.

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