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The celebrities on Tinder, the dating app wedding that your friend's friend went to, the new dating app coming out just for cheese-lovers .

Since diving into the online dating world over five years ago, I’ve had my share of great experiences.

Much like grocery stores and newspapers, dating apps are now firmly secured as an integral part of our modern daily lives.

You swipe/click/poke/prod – they reciprocate, and then when it comes time to meet up, (s)he drops the bomb that they had no intention of actually meeting up – that “online dating is for losers and my BFF [presumably Jill] made me this profile for me as a joke.” Ways to avoid: Look out for too-much focus on “online” – if they keep harping on it, then it’s likely they have some self-security issues.

Let's be honest, Bumble guy is a bit on the serious side. He’s a doctor with three practices in Jersey but comes to the city every weekend to stay in his parent’s spare apartment in Murray Hill and hit the clerrrbs.

That’s okay, cuz he would basically be the dream dude—if only he was a little more fun. Pickup line: "My nieces and nephews are really adorable. You know this because you follow his Instagram, obsessively. A./NYC /London/ Argentina/Singapore tomorrow, but I’d love to take you out tonight and name-drop all my famous friends.”The League Guy Within the first three minutes of texting with The League guy, he’ll tell you how many businesses he owns, what kind of car he drives, where he went to school, and what kind of furnishings he has in his apartment.

He views long-term dating as a “hiring-process” for which he will happily accept resumes, but he knows that at the end of the day no candidate is worthy of the position. This fellow spends seven days of the week at the gym (and wishes there was just more time to dedicate solely to his triceps), frequents the men’s bathroom to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and has at least three photos on his profile where he is doing his version of “Blue Steel.” He is online for the attention, not for love, and definitely not for you!

Online dating has come a long way in past few years, and instead of the shot-in-the-dark approach to finding your new squeeze, new dating apps increasingly cater to specific niches. Try getting a few laughs outta him—otherwise, it might feel like going on a date with your professor. The League guy likes grand gestures to show you how impressively important he is—box tickets to a sporting game, perhaps a non-committal invite to an out of state polo tournament, are his calling card.

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