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I am also including instructions which should enable anyone to update the roster fileon a PC and import it back onto your PSP without it crashing during franchise mode.The roster is updated to week 6 of the 2014 season.In the PSP folder of your memory stick, you should now have a folder called SAVEDATA as well as a new folder called 'SAVEPLAIN'- Delete everything in the SAVEPLAIN folder- Copy over them with the new 'SAVEDATA' and 'SAVEPLAIN' folders from the update.- If all went well.You will have the updated roster, as well as new 'SAVEPLAIN' and 'SAVEDATA'folders on your psp.- To extract the roster for editing on your PC - Open the SAVEPLAIN folder and search for the SDDATA.

According to EA's Facebook site, Madden 17 Update 1.11 fixes a pest in-Play-a-Friend games in which a player's profile controls weren't being regarded and loading like they need to.

The game area can strengthen gameplay, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), and general game balance.

Probably the most critical difficulty EA solutions with this particular update involves a bug that is gameplay where tackles go in to a blocking play or movement, however they never really stop or engage a defense.

I thought maybe I could have the comic for you a day or two late, but it ain’t happening. (Did you notice I’ve been posting regularly on Tuesdays? I’m sure you’re wondering when (if ever) you’ll see a new Gyno-Star comic.

If it’s any comfort, I got a bit sunburned so I’m not going unpunished for it.

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These are just some of the changes planned to keep you up-to-date on what is going on in the ever-changing world of Madden NFL Mobile.

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